Red Horse: An Uncivil War 1

Edgehill, 1642

September 1642, and the storm clouds of civil war are gathering over England. After the King raises his standard against his rebellious Parliament, idealistic young Luce Pettitt sees his duty clear - to defend the noble cause of freedom against the Royal tyrant. He doesn't expect that duty to lie with possibly the scruffiest, most disreputable troop of cavalry in the Army of Parliament, commanded by maverick ex-mercenary Hollie Babbitt. Events conspire to bring Hollie and Luce to a wary friendship, in spite of their differences. But in the aftermath of the first bloody battle of the war, will Luce keep faith with his ideals, or his friend?

Praise for Red Horse:

"Well-written with wit, humour, elegance and a hard-edged sense of reality. Well-defined characters with whom one can easily engage. The best novel to cover this period I have ever read."
Amazon Reviewer
 "To say that this was a serendipitous find is an understatement. The author somehow accidentally found my humble, yet edifying review blog and liked what she saw, contacted me and the rest is history. To say that I enjoyed the heck out of this book is also an understatement. The characters are wonderfully crafted (including a couple of the horses)...the story is gripping...the settings are such that you feel like you are there but the best part is watching the relationship between Captain Hollie Babbitt, a cantankerous s.o.b. and his new aide Luce Pettitt, the nephew of the Earl of Essex. Luce, naive and in over his head, finds himself thrown immediately into situations he is not seemingly cut out for and that is the meat of the story...can he survive not only battle against the King's forces but also against this seemingly unchangeable cavalry commander. All in all, a well researched and well written account of the early stages of the Civil War and there is more to come and that is a good thing. 5 stars."
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Awarded for Excellence in Research by 17th-Century Specialists

Awarded for Excellence in Research by 17th-Century Specialists