Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Name that Horse! eBook competition

It's competition time - win a Kindle collection of short stories, including what did happen to Thankful Russell at Edgehill, how a seventeen-year-old Lancashire boy took up arms in the Low Countries in the Thirty Years' War, and more.

All you have to do is name the new equine addition to Babbitt's troop.

A hint:
Rosie himself has Tyburn (large, black, and menacing) and The Rabbit, who's the only remount big enough for him, and whom he cordially dislikes. When Tyburn is invalided out after Marston Moor, he's replaced by Blossom, named by Mrs Rosie in a whimsical moment.
Trooper Gray has Pig, and I think the name says it all about Gray's horse.
Hapless has Thomas, who has doubts about anything and everything, from the threat posed by a strip of rag in a hedge to strange dogs.
Drew Venning's horse is Samson - large, sturdy, well-mannered and hairy. (Not unlike Venning, come to think of it.)
Kenelm Toogood's horse is Charles, and was baptised as same in Lostwithiel church during the Earl of Essex's Cornish campaign in  1643.

Now, at the beginning of the series, Luce acquired a witless and overbred thoroughbred mare which he tagged as Fair Rosamund, in a fit of poetic stupidity. Rosamund is now, predictably, deceased in an excess of equine zeal.

The question is, o gentle reader, who will replace the Fair Rosamund in Babbitt's horse-lines?

The choice is yours, and you have a week to do it in....Winners to be announced on Wednesday 4th Feb!

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Awarded for Excellence in Research by 17th-Century Specialists

Awarded for Excellence in Research by 17th-Century Specialists